What Books Used to Learn Karate with Effective Techniques?

Humans tend to learn faster and easier when they are either very curious about a subject or if the mind can connect dots. It follows that if the newly learned content matches in learned material the mind can connect it with an existing context and therefore it is easier for the brain to keep the new substance. And that is exactly what books provide: Background information and additional material to existing knowledge. Hence Karate books are a great way to enhance your understanding of Karate and to learn faster because you know and connect recently learned material having an already present knowledge-context.

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  • Kahn
  • Kata
  • Kumite
  • Strategy
  • History
  • Dictionaries

Karate techniques can be covered in Kata, Kumite or Kahn books if they are style specific. Advanced techniques may also be coated in overall Kumite or Fighting Strategy books that are also either style specific or Karate style agnostic.

What to Expect of Novels in these Categories. Here is quick rundown on what to expect if you are looking for Karate Books in a certain section.

Kahn Karate Books

Books in this section focus on fundamentals. The emphasis is on the proper stances and techniques. Correct techniques include punches usually fist in beginner books or open hand methods or more particular two or one finger techniques such as Nippon Ken. Books in this section often come as many volumes or as a single comprehensive book.

Karate Kata Books

Books in this section are highly likely to be fashion specific. The reason is that different styles often have completely different Kata or at least different names for the same Kata frequently true if you compare Shito-Ryu and Shamokin Kata.

Kumite Karate Books

Novel on Karate Kumite can be fashion specific or completely style agnostic in karate classes. Usually pictures will reveal different fighting stances and positions of hands and moves, but in a fashion agnostic book it only reflects the fighters enjoying.

Strategy Books

Strategy books are probably Karate style agnostic. Those books usually teach about how to act in fighting situations or how to act in a Karate competition.

Karate History Publications

Books in this category cover the background and early developments and all The Karate masters involved with the development. Based on which style they cover and how much they return in time they probably will pay for related martial arts also like Kung-Fu.

Karate Dictionaries

Dictionaries are important to understand the Japanese phrases on your own native language.

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