Microsoft Security Essentials Alert – Step by Step Process for Pornographic Virus

This fake Microsoft Security Essentials Trojan will try to trick you into believing that your system is infected so you will install and buy one of those 6 rogue anti-virus programs it is distributing. When the Trojan gets executed it will display a message which appears very much like the valid Microsoft Security Essentials Alert. The fake alert will be titled Microsoft Security Essentials Alert and will say that a Trojan has been discovered in your computer system. This Trojan will be recorded as Unknown Win32 or Trojan and will be described as a serious infection.

Now you will have two equally destructive options to pick from, if you click on the sterile Computer or Apply Actions button, you will be advised that the disease was unable to be eliminated and you will be prompted to scan online. Throughout the imitation online scan, only the apps listed above will announce they have discovered the make believe Trojan. Appearing beside or alongside all the anti-spyware programs is a Free Install button. This is shown to trick you into installing the rogue computer software.

If you press the Free Install button your computer will reboot and the rogue program that you selected will be executed upon start-up and a bogus scan of your computer system will commence. Once the scan has finished you will be advised the juvenile was only able to eliminate a few of the infections, to eliminate the rest of the infections you are prompted to buy the entire version for pornographic virus alert from microsoft. Now your computer will probably be not able to open several programs and when you try you will be presented with a message saying that these programs cannot be executed since they are infected. The messages seem to be the following:

The application taskmgr.exe was launched but it was forced to shut down because of safety reasons. This occurred because the program was infected with a malicious program which may pose a threat for the Posit is highly suggested to install the essential heuristic module and perform a full scan of your computer to exterminate malicious applications from it.

If your system has been infected with this rogue anti-virus software you will have to download some tools from The Internet so as to eliminate this infection. But if your system is Infected it is possible that you may be unable to download applications using the infected computer. If this is the case you may have to download the tools had to clean your system onto a unique uninfected machine, move the Files to a sub drive, external drive or CD/DVD, and then replicate the programs onto the infected machine.

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